CONS Executive Committee has identified and officialized the appointment of the Chef de Mission of the Mediterranean Games, that will take place in Orano from next  june 25th to july 5th, and for the Games of the Small States that will be held in Malta from may 28th to june 3rd 2023. Anna Lisa Ciavatta, who works in the Cons sport office since 2019, will lead the sammarinese delegation in Algeria, while Mahena Abbati, who was vice-chief of mission for the Games of the Small States in Montenegro, will be the head of the sammarinese team in the knights’ island. Both of them have taken part in the organization of the 2017 San Marino Games.

“We are particularly happy about these two appointments – Cons President Gian Primo Giardi explains – as we are entrusting our delegations to two figures with undisputed abilities, while we are also following the IOC and other international bodies advice, to raise the female presence in key roles of the sport movement. We are proud to demonstrate that, in San Marino, gender equality is not just a slogan, but a goal that we constantly pursue”.